Cultural appropriation, engendered by Western vampirism and colonization, operates in defiance of the origins of cultures and their understanding.

Identities and styles evolve organically and vividly across borders and through time, for better or for worse.

Their technical, aesthetic or symbolic particularities influence each other and bear witness to the history of the peoples.

However, it is through the sharing of resources and knowledge that we can achieve a positive construction of the world.

Motivated by a benevolent curiosity, I seek to recreate an open and respectful dialogue in a spirit of exchanges and encounters for the benefit of all.

This commitment at the base of my creative approach has led me to sublimate all the fabrics by enhancing them in relation to each other.

I intend to participate in the heritage of humanity through an artistic language oriented towards interbreeding , rich in multiple affiliations and equitable collaborations.

Aware of the social and environmental problems caused by fast fashion , I have always given pride of place to the reuse of materials and upcycling for the production of my collections. The clothes I offer are the result of a long process of collection, selection and assembly. Each copy is a unique textile composition made of fabrics rich in know-how and encounters.  

My approach to fashion is inclusive, I adapt to all body types and address all gender identities.

The sewing stages, from assembly to finishing, are carried out by highly qualified partners, clothing workshops and independent tailors established in Brussels . The cuts and preparations of the parts to be assembled, as well as the embroideries, patchworks and quilting continue to be done by me. My basic models are reproduced differently from season to season in other textile ranges, from vintage fabrics purchased in the Marolles district of Brussels to precious artisanal fabrics from around the world.

Today, I see my work as an act of poetic resistance against globalized mass overproduction. Far from the bitter or absurd feeling that the fashion industry can arouse, I create clothes that have meaning and personality. I weave unexpected links that tell something authentic, beautiful and true.

The craftsmanship is contemporary! Craftsmanship is alive! Craftsmanship is the past and the future of fashion!