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Craftsmanship is the past and the future of fashion!
Craftsmanship is Alive!
Unique Creations

“By upcycling vintage and artisanal textiles from all cultures, Julie Menuge creates unique pieces , handmade in Brussels.”

A precocious and self-taught artist , she attended secondary school in Applied Arts in Roubaix , France, before moving to Brussels in 2002 to study fashion design , then textile design at La Cambre. She deepens her passion for the language and history of fabrics , patterns, techniques and multiple skills.

After various professional experiences in Haute Couture and the entertainment world - Julie Menuge worked for Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris and dresses many artists for their stage outfits - she has now been running her own design studio since 2011. . The designer manages the entire work process, from design to production to distribution.

Its collections have already been presented at numerous festivals and exhibitions , both in Belgium and abroad: alternative events and Fashion Week from Brussels to Bangkok via Geneva . Some key pieces among his creations were acquired by the Brussels Fashion and Lace Museum in 2018 .

Marollywood fashion

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Craftsmanship is Contemporary!
Ethical Creations

Deeply linked to the History of Humanity , textiles testify to the movements of peoples across eras and borders. They reflect our different cultural identities , with multiple, complex and substantially interconnected origins.

Julie Menuge mixes clothes and fabrics from different origins, to tell new stories of interbreeding and travel between cultures.

Result of a long process of collection, selection and assembly , each copy is a unique textile composition , made of fabrics rich in know-how and encounters.

Julie Menuge creates and sells her unique pieces from her shop-workshop , a real little fashion house that she opened in 2019 . She collaborates with her teams of in Brussels for the confection, as well as with other artists and in West Africa for the textile creation of batik, tie & dye and exceptional weavings.

Julie Menuge 's fashion design is distinguished by her art of mixing and upcycling - upcycling or reusing materials: an act of resistance and poetry in the face of globalized mass production in the world of fast fashion.